Matsue City FC


Jenniferです 🙂

先日の5月15日にお休みを頂いて松江運動公園に松江シティFC VS. デッツォーラ島根に行ってきました。

On May 15th, Mr. K and I went to see a soccer match between Matsue City FC and Dezzolla Shimane.



3年前も見に行きましたが当時は4位に終わり。最近の2シーズンは中国サッカーリーグ を連覇!ライブもありました。観客の方もアナウンスで1009人といっぱいの人で応援できて楽しかったです。

We saw Matsue City FC play in 2013, and although they finished 4th that season, they were the 2014 and 2015 Chūgoku Soccer League champions!!  On Sunday, there was even live music to get the crowd of over 1000 people, including a fantastic fan group, ready for the match. ♫



The weather was beautiful, and Matsue City FC won 3-0!!  I hope they will be champions again, and eventually Matsue will have a team in the J1 League. 😉

Winning Dance for the Crowd