Hiroshima Dreamination

Jenniferです 🙂


We went to Hiroshima city for a seminar on Monday.  After it was over, I suggested we walk to ‘Peace Boulevard’ to see if the annual illumination event, known as ‘Dreamination’, had started.  Unfortunately, the event officially started on Tuesday 😦 , but there were a few areas already lit up, so I posed under a cute gazebo♥.




スパイダーマン見たいな原さん (左) そしてもちろん山崎さん!(右)

On the left is Hara as Spiderman, 😉 and on the right is Mr. K! 😀

ひろしまドリミネーションは2015年11月17日(火)から2016年1月3日(日)まで、17:30〜22:30です!! 是非、皆様も行って見て下さい。

I have seen this event in the past, and it is quite incredible!  This year’s ‘Dreamination’ is from November 17th, 2015 to January 3rd, 2016, every evening from 17:30 to 22:30!!