Halloween Photos

Jenniferです 🙂

松江のポートベローさんでハロウィンパーティーでした!! もちろんコスプレしました!!テーマは、今年の1月に森美術館でティム・バートンの世界」を見ました。なので、イノベーションでもティム・バートンの世界をコスプレで表現してみました!!


TimBurtonesqueHere are some photos from the Halloween event at Port Below!!  This year’s costumes were inspired by my visit to the Mori Arts Center Gallery where I enjoyed  The World of Tim Burton exhibit.  I went as one of Tim Burton’s characters, Emily, from the movie Corpse Bride, and Hara went as the title character from Beetlejuice!  Didn’t we do a good job on our costumes and makeup?




As for Mr. K, he went as Tim Burton, himself!!

Doesn’t he look just like him? 😉