Happy May Day🌷

Jenniferです 🙂


Today is my favorite day of the year, May 1st!!


May is a gorgeous month, full of warm, sunny days, and blooming flowers !


Of course, my hosta from five years ago has returned again and continues to flourish.😊

5月は町で散歩しながら花を見るのも楽しいですね。上と下の写真には松江市のキレイな藤の花💜  皆さん「空騒ぎ」のようにお出かけしましょ!

I like to go “a-Maying” which I imagine is like this scene from Much Ado About Nothing.  While “a-Maying” in my neighborhood I came across the beautiful wisteria pictured in the photos above and below!