Jenniferです 🙂




March’s featured ‘book’ is the program from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s production of Othello, which I went and saw last month with my mother and father. 🙂

The program features synopses of this season’s plays as well as insight into how they are being staged.  There are also cast profiles and general information about things to do and see in Ashland♥.

The actors’ performances were spectacular, the set featured very fancy updated/high tech designs and the background music was incredible.

I used to work at the theatre part time when I was in high school, so I was lucky to attend many of the shows at that time.  It was exciting to revisit the theatre and see how the festival has grown and continued to improve with the passing years!!


Please enjoy looking at March’s book while having your hair colored or permed!

もし良かったらパーマやカラーの待ち時間に是非読んでみて下さい。 🙂