HALL🎃WEEN is coming!!


4年前から私のハロウィンをブログで紹介しました! 今年も、第5のハロウィン写真を紹介しま〜す。 私が小学一年生のときクロネコです。弟君と一緒にトリック・オア・トリートへ行きました。弟君スパイダーマンそっくりかな😁

For the past four years, I’ve posted about my childhood Halloween costumes.  Of course, this year is no exception!  Here is a picture from when I was in first grade and dressed as one of the iconic Halloween symbols, the black cat.  Of course, I went trick-or-treating with my brother, who looked awesome as Spider-Man!😉



As in previous years, Port Below is hosting a Halloween event.  This year, the event is on Saturday, the 28th of October at 9pm!!