Jenniferです 🙂

4月BOM4月のおすすめの本は2014年3月の ベジィvol.33です。ご存知の方も多いとは思いますが、私は野菜が大好きです。そんな私の為にお客様がこの雑誌をプレゼントして下さいました。

April’s book is vol. 33  of a magazine titled  veggy, and was given to me by a one of Hair Innovation’s customers who knows I enjoy vegetarian cooking.  


The features include many vegetarian recipes, as well as a guide for shopping organic.  Pictured at left is a ‘macrobiotique picnic’ that looks wonderfully delicious!  Since the weather is getting nicer, day by day, it’s the perfect time to have a picnic at the park around Matsue Castle, or by lake Shinji in front of the Shimane Art Museum!


Please enjoy looking at this month’s book while having your hair colored or permed!

もし良かったらパーマやカラーの待ち時間に是非読んでみて下さい。 🙂