Jenniferです 🙂

最近凄い寒いですね。     😯       

この時季髪も肌も乾燥してバサバサとドライになってダメージしますね。     😥                      





42g ¥2138

It is very cold here in Matsue and will get even colder tomorrow. 😯  

Cold weather may damage your hair and skin, leaving your hair frizzy, your hands dry and cracked, and your lips chapped. 😥

「product」hair wax is a unique, organic and natural wax that can be used on all hair types and lengths to ‘defrizz, texturize, soften, condition, and glisten’.  In addition, you don’t even have to wash your hands after applying it because it also works as a hand and nail cream!!  It’s even safe to use as a lip balm, so it’s perfect for these cold days. ♡

「product」hair wax only has 5 organic and natural ingredients: organic shea butter, organic aloe vera, vitamin E, beeswax and tangerine essential oil.