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2月のおすすめの本は軍艦島 超景です。

端島軍艦島(端島)は長崎県にある島。 明治26年から昭和49年この島は炭鉱で栄えた島です。小さな島ですが一時期は5、000人以上が住んでいたそうです。この本の中には写真がいっぱいあります。端島は40年間誰も住んでないため自然もあります。映画007スカイフォールのインスピレーションの場所でもあります。最近ツアーもあります。私も軍艦島へ行きたいです!

February’s recommendation is a photography book on Hashima (also known as Gunkanjima), a derelict island in Nagasaki Prefecture.  Developed in the late 1880s to house a coal mining facility, it grew to host a population of over 5,000 in the 1960s before being abandoned in 1974.  Although it has since been deteriorating, the ruins are testament to the Industrial Age in Japan. 端島2
The photography book shows the island as it is today, a haunting juxtaposition of industrial buildings being reclaimed by nature.  You may recognize Hashima from the 2012 James Bond Movie ‘Skyfall’, as it served as the model for the villain’s base.


While the island is unsafe to completely explore, there are tours to some parts of the island.  I would very much like to visit this island of history someday.

Please enjoy looking at Feburuary’s book while having your hair colored or permed!

もし良かったらパーマやカラーの待ち時間に是非読んでみて下さい。 🙂