Container Gardening part II

In honor of Father’s Day, I’d like to share some pictures of my dad’s garden 🙂

二年前オレゴン州に帰って、久しぶりにうちの庭を見ました。うちの父が造った庭です。彼のおすすめは ‘ホスタ’ です。ホスタは毎年成長が早くて、葉の色がとても綺麗だからです。ヘアーイノベーションにもホスタがいるかな?


Mr. K and I visited Oregon in 2011 and enjoyed the backyard with the stone steps and walls my dad built himself!  One of my dad’s favorite plants is hosta, a fast growing perennial with beautiful green leaves.  You can see some next to the bench. ♫

最近花ワールドにホスタ を見つけて、購入しました!早く大きくならないかな〜☆
Recently, I saw some hosta at a garden shop!  I decided to get some for the container gardens at Hair Innovation.  I’m really excited to watch them grow over the summer☆



Here are some more pictures of my home in Ashland, Oregon.  This is my dad’s ‘bistro’.  On sunny days, my parents enjoy breakfast together near the honeysuckle, which is very fragrant.  The two pictures below are more views of the backyard.  Aren’t they lovely and green?  They inspire me to make beautiful container gardens for Hair Innovation. 😉


Dad'sGarden               Dad'sHosta

ハッピーファザーズデイ ♡ Happy Father’s Day, Dad!!