Happy May Day!


今日は5月1日=メーデー!! メーデー私の一番好きな日です 🙂


私の好き映画 Camelotステキなメーデーシーンがありますから是非見て下さい!


May Day originated in ancient Europe to celebrate the warmer spring weather.  Maypole dancing, the crowning of a May Queen, bonfires and feasting were traditional parts of the celebrations.  May Day is my favorite day of the year because it represents things I really love like sunny days, flowers, dancing and romance, and makes me feel like singing, frolicking and handing out flowers. 🙂

One of my favorite movies, Camelot, includes a fantastic May Day inspired scene to the song “The Lusty Month of May”.  You can see it here.  Enjoy!

Happy May Day!!